Ethical residential proxies vs unethical residential proxies

When reading proxy company websites, you’ll often hear them talk about Ethical residential proxies vs unethical residential proxies and likely wonder what the difference really is.

Unethical Residential Proxies
Often bundled with free software possibly with hidden terms and conditions, unethical proxy companies will not be honest to the victim running the proxy server, so they’ll have likely no idea this is running on the background of their computer using up some of their internet bandwidth and CPU time on their computer.

Ethical Residential Proxy Providers
Letting users know you’re installing software on their computer and using their internet is the right thing to do. Ethical proxy companies let users know, and often compensate people for the use of their hardware and Internet connections. One such compensation program is called honey gain, allowing people to make around $20 a month for running the proxy server.

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