Residential vs Datacenter Proxies

What are the differences between Residential and Datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies
It’s somewhat self explanatory in the name, datacenter proxies are hosted in a major datacenter. Datacenter proxies have the advantage of super fast internet backbone, low cost and high reliability. The only disadvantage is that they will be easily detected as a proxy, and banned from many websites because they look like bot traffic which may be considered undesirable for the website owner.

Residential Proxies
On the other end, we have residential proxies which are actually in a home or residential location. These are much more expensive, less reliable and considerably slower. The advantage is they are indistinguishable from a real person as they are actually borrowing the IP address from someones actual home internet connection.

Generally it’s advisable to pick datacenter proxies first, and only switch to residential proxies if you need them. However if you’re here on this website, you probably already know you need residential proxies!



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